Neighborhood-wide meetings: second monday of every month at Warren Easton Charter School: 3019 Canal Street at 6:30PM.

Mid-City’s First Fight the Blight Day!

Mid-City, in partnership with the City of New Orleans, is hosting a Fight the Blight Day. This is a program that was developed by the mayor’s office several City agencies and community volunteers show up to a designated location and identify and rectify neighborhood issues. It will be a day of planting trees, filling in pot holes, demolishing a blighted house, picking up trash, installing amenities, and meeting your neighbors! Come out and show your support.

December 10, 9am-1pm

Starting at St. Patrick Park (501 S. St. Patrick St.)

Whether or not this is your area of Mid-City – or your park – please come support Mid-City’s first Fight the Blight day. We hope to get these clean up days in all areas of Mid-City and the best way to do that is to have a strong showing of support. Plus, you can cheer the progress as the Sewer & Water Board, Public Works (Pot-Hole Filler), and other City Agencies work their tails off to make our neighborhood better!

All participants are invited to a free cook-out at the park afterwards with food and fun for all!

To sign up, call 504.658.4974 or click here, visit!

2 responses to “Mid-City’s First Fight the Blight Day!”

  1. mallory

    Yay! I hope this makes its way through Baudin, D’Hemecourt, and that neighborhood between Carrollton and Canal.

  2. Dean Cook

    Let’s focus on that falling down property at the intersection of David and Toulouse streets. The owner has avoided all efforts to hold his feet to the fire and now has the David st. Side propped up with 2×4′s that extend almost to the street. If ever there was a safety issue with a property this is it. We all here in the neighborhood fully expect this building to fall into the street at any minute. LETS GET THIS TAKEN CARE OF! Dean Cook. 621 David st.

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