Neighborhood-wide meetings: second monday of every month at Warren Easton Charter School: 3019 Canal Street at 6:30PM.

Mid-City Neighborhood Watch Meeting Wednesday

Mid-City Neighborhood watch meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 16th from 6pm to 7pm at St Anthony’s School Auditorium 4601 Cleveland St.

Officer Johnston will be in attendance to help us set up our neighborhood watch.

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  1. Jolie Bonck

    We had a neighborhood watch group, actually a couple – it just isn’t active anymore. I still have one of the signs. In the past the groups was very active and I even “published” a newsletter. The Name was STANDWATCH for the St. Anthony Neighborhood Watch . I did it for awhile and Vince Bower was involved then Mary Ann Condy tried to keep it going for a while and Clay Latimer, most recently was Corey (Tisdale -I am not sure of his last name). He started a yahoogroup that might still exist. I didn’t know about the meeting last night but would like to know more about what is happening. I am glad someone is taking up the cause again. By the way I still have a annual Night Out Against Crime Event and I have a neighborhood list of names and some emails and phone numbers.
    Jolie Bonck

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