Neighborhood-wide meetings: second monday of every month at Warren Easton Charter School: 3019 Canal Street at 6:30PM.

Mid-City Neighborhood Block Party

Join your neighbors in celebrating Mid-City’s resilience!
Mid-City, 10 Years Later. The Beat Goes On.

Sunday, August 30th
Finn McCool’s

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Nominations for Mid-City Security District Commissioner Position Open Through Aug. 1

Dear Mid-Citizens,

Would you like to help make Mid-City safer?

Are you interested in working with law enforcement, the business community, and other dedicated residents to reduce crime?

Do you have the dedication to ensure that the Mid-City Security District (“MCSD”) remains an active, legally compliant, and efficient agency that is responsive to the safety needs of our neighborhood?

If so, consider applying to become a MCSD Commissioner.

The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization (“MCNO”) is responsible for appointing one MCSD Commissioner in 2015. This unpaid volunteer will serve a three-year term and work with four other MCSD Commissioners to supplement available City law enforcement resources by providing additional security patrols, assets and visibility to protect and serve the residents and businesses of Mid-City. MCSD Commissioners currently meet on a monthly basis, and perform additional work outside these meetings on an ad hoc basis.

To learn more about the MCSD, visit

To apply to become a Commissioner, simply e-mail your resume and a cover letter to by August 1, 2015. Law enforcement, security industry, legal or accounting experience is a plus (but is not necessarily required), so be sure to include it – along with the reason you are interested in the position – in your cover letter.

You must be a registered voter and resident of the MCSD to be selected, and you can join the MCNO now by visiting Unlike previous appointments, you need not be a City Park Triangle or Parkview resident to be selected – any Mid-Citizen living and registered to vote within the Security District boundaries is eligible. The MCNO Board of Directors will contact selected applicants to schedule interviews in early August, after which the MCNO Board of Directors will make the final appointment.

The MCNO values diversity and an inclusive culture. We encourage applications from all Mid-City residents and MCNO members without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, national origin, marital status, citizenship, disability, and veteran status.


MCNO Reimbursing Residents for Crime Cameras

The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization is reimbursing Mid-City Residents for the purchase of crime cameras focused on public rights-of-way. MCNO still has funds available for this program, and the cameras residents have previously purchased through the program have already caught several crimes on tape! If you are interested in purchasing a crime camera contact us at to learn more details and the program requirements.

Looking for Code Enforcement or Curious About a Blighted Property? Our Resource Page can Help!

Both MCNO and the City encourage Mid-City residents to participate in the blight enforcement and remediation process. The City’s program works slowly, but if neighbors don’t speak out against it, we’ll never get anywhere.

To help you report and track blighted properties that are still marring your neighborhood, we have collected an assortment of resources and links. To visit our resource page, which includes a calendar of properties going through Code Enforcement, CLICK HERE

MCNO Anti-Crime Camera Program

MCNO has received a grant from the Mid-City Security District in the amount of $9,500 for an anti-crime camera program. The intent of the program is to increase the inventory of residential anti-crime cameras throughout the Mid-City Neighborhood boundaries.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  1. Applicants must be residents of the Mid-City Neighborhood who will install a crime camera on their primary home on or after January 1, 2015.
  2. Cameras must be registered with NOPD’s SafeCams program;
  3. Cameras must be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
  4. Cameras must have infrared night vision and be able to capture images after dark;
  5. Recording feature must have storage capability for a minimum 7 day history;
  6. Owners must sign and comply with MCSD Participation Agreement available on the MCNO website.

If you are interested in participating in the program, please send an email with your name, address, telephone and email to


Please Join Us for the Seventh Annual Mid-City Porch Crawl!

On Friday, October 16, 2015, The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization (MCNO) is proud to host the seventh annual Mid-City Porch Crawl, a delightfully eccentric, distinctly adult, Halloween-oriented celebration. This year’s event will be begin at 6:30pm and will be held at Redemption Mid-City (where the kick-off party will begin). What is more New Orleans than gathering on the front porch, the true foundation of any home in the city?

For more information and to buy tickets for the Mid-City Porch Crawl, click here.

MCNO is also seeking business sponsors for this event that. If you are a local business, or you have contacts with one, please ask them to consider a sponsorship so we can continue doing our work in the community!

MCNO is a volunteer-driven, 501 (c) (3) non-profit and Porch Crawl tickets are tax deductible to the amount allowed by law.

I Love Mid-City, Sign Me Up!

Thank you for your support! MCNO is reorganizing to make it easier to get involved, and we want your help!

Fill out the form below if you have an interest in getting involved.

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Great News on the Bayou! Speckled Trout Appear in Large Numbers!

Since completion of a wetlands planting in May 2014, the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF) has been monitoring the plant and animal life on the bayou, and it is flourishing.

Over the summer there were many herons and egrets feeding on bait fish that had entered the bayou. There are also signs of shrimp, which attract many species of both fish and birds. The most surprising reports have been the large amount of speckled trout being caught in the bayou, in addition to the redfish we already knew had returned.

Scientists are largely crediting the monthly openings of the floodgates to the reappearance of these prized fish. The flood gate openings allow water from Lake Pontchartrain to flow into Bayou St. John, which not only raises the water line, but also increases the amount of biodiversity.

The LPBF expects the wetlands creation project at the mouth of Bayou St. John to have similar beneficial impacts. Creation of the new habitat in the bayou is already providing an area for many species to thrive. This will not only help improve biodiversity along the bayou but also along the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain, which is largely impounded by a concrete seawall, giving species no access to the wetlands in which they like to hide and hunt.

LPBF has identified other potential wetland creation projects along the shore. Each of these projects will improve lake habitat, fishing recreation, etc. If you wish to support or volunteer for the Bayou St. John project or any other similar projects, please contact LPBF at (504) 836- 2215.

If you fish in Bayou St. John or Lake Pontchartrain, be a good neighbor to residents and wildlife, and please observe catch limits for speckled trout and redfish.


Board Elections at Tonight’s Meeting

Our board elections will take place at tonight’s meeting. If you are interested in running for the board, you can still sign up before the meeting. The meeting will be held at Warren Easton Charter School: 3019 Canal Street, at 6:30 pm.

**To serve on the board, you must also be a resident of Mid-City or have voting rights in it and be a member in good standing of MCNO.**

So far, we have eight candidates up for election. To learn about them, please read below.


As a dedicated community advocate, Jennifer has more than 8 years of experience working with neighborhood improvement organizations, including three years as MCNO President, two years as Vice President, and one year as Housing Committee Chairman. She also founded the Greater Mid-City Business Association and served one year as its first President.

Jennifer has been honored by the City Council for her efforts to improve Mid-City. In her professional life, she is a marketing and PR specialist that focuses on business and community brand-building, engagement and communication.

Jennifer’s areas of expertise are land use and zoning, historic preservation, commercial development, event planning and marketing/communications.

About running for re-election to the board, Jennifer says, “There is still much work to do, and I want to accomplish the goals I set when I rejoined the board last year, both for the neighborhood and the organization.

In addition to continuing our work to protect and enhance residential quality of life and promote quality, locally based commercial development in designated commercial zones and not in residential areas, I also want to help ensure access to housing opportunities for our hard-working, less wealthy citizens, who are quickly being priced out of Mid-City.”

Dan Heidel

As well as starting his personal business here 2 years ago, located in Mid City at 3301 Canal Street, Dan has also recently found a home in Mid-City just off of Orleans & Carrollton Avenues.

Dan has spent over 20 years involved in fundraising. In 1993 he was invited to do his very first fundraiser, “Louisiana Team in Training,” with the Leukemia Society, and with the help of a small group of runners raised $140,000.00.

Since that time, Dan has been involved with a variety of groups:  The New Orleans Hash House Harriers, The VooDoo Hash House Harrier, New Orleans Track Club, and the Greater New Orleans Running Association, among others.  Dan has also spent much of his time doing things to “Give back, or Pay forward,” for those in need.  In fact, fundraising has become second nature.  The New Orleans Hash House Harriers have donated as much as $200,000.00 annually to local charities.  And he is now the lead organizer of the VooDoo Hash House Harriers, maintaining and running this fine organization, doing events, fund raising, etc.

Dan most recently came up with the idea of the introducing people to our (what should be improved) public transportation system, and introducing others to all of the small business in and around Mid City by creating the Every Saturday Street Car Pub Crawl. You would be amazed at how many people have never been to businesses in this area for decades, because “they had no clue,” that it existed.

Last, but not least, Dan joined Mid City Porch Crawl for the first time this year and was so impressed and excited that he volunteered that very same night to become a Board Member of MCNO.  Dan knows that with his years of experience he can help double the size of this event, and help both MCNO and the businesses in Mid City prosper.


As a professional in the hotel and tourism industry Cristin bounced around the country several times since her college graduation.  She expected my stop in New Orleans in 2008 to be much like the others: enjoyable but brief.  Then she got to know New Orleans.  What was supposed to be a one year layover has turned into an indefinite departure from her original plan.  New Orleans is now her home.

As a professional Cristin had the good fortune to have opportunities to share my love and excitement for this city for a living.  During her time as the Director of Events at the Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation she served as a staff member for the Super Bowl XLVII Host Committee, Men and Women’s Final Four, and the NBA All-Star Game.  Working at the GNOSF not only gave Cristin the unique opportunity of working closely with the NFL, NCAA and NBA, it also gave her the experience of navigating city government and the understanding of all that is required to put on these major events.

In April of this year Cristin accepted an offer to become a Convention Sales Manager at the Convention Visitor’s Bureau.  Now her job is to literally sell the city she love to the world, which as we all know is not a hard sell at all.  In her short time at the CVB Cristin has worked closely with Indy Car on their inaugural Grand Prix of Louisiana that will take place in April of 2015 and the Association of Volley Professionals to make New Orleans a stop on next year’s tour.  Most recently Cristin was a part of a team that successfully pitched the NCAA to choose New Orleans as a host city for the Women’s Final Four in 2020.

Personally, Cristin is beyond excited to be a Mid-City resident.  After several years of renting she and her husband purchased a home on Iberville in November 2013.  Their list of preferred neighborhoods was very short.  It consisted of one neighborhood: Mid-City.  Since moving their decision has been validated tenfold by the welcoming, friendly nature of our neighbors.

There is an excitement and energy about Mid-City that Cristin loves.  She would serve the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization with that same excitement and energy if she had the honor of being selected as a board member.

Bivian (Sonny) Lee III

Sonny is the Founder/President of Son of a Saint ( – a nonprofit organization in New Orleans that is dedicated to enhancing the lives of fatherless young males.

The son of the late Bivian Lee (New Orleans Saints defensive back), Sonny is also the former chief aide to Tom Benson, the owner of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans Pelicans. He previously held positions as the Director of Operations for the New Orleans Zephyrs AAA baseball team and Director of the New Orleans Jazz Institute.

Sonny graduated with honors from St. Augustine High School and later earned a degree in marketing and management from the University of New Orleans. He is a youth mentor and TEDx speaker on the subjects of community service, decision- making, and the importance of education. His nonprofit work has been highlighted on CNN, Al Jazeera America, NPR and local television stations and newspapers. His personal background and Son of a Saint organization was the subject of a CBS Sports Network Super Bowl feature in 2013.

Sonny has been the recipient of several awards, including:

- 2014 “People to Watch” New Orleans Magazine

- 2013 Local FBI Director’s “Community Leadership Award”

- 2013 “Champion of Change” Award given by the Crescent City Chapter of Links, Inc.

- 2013 Millennial “Change Maker” Award given by Cleveland Spears Consulting

- Named in the “40 Under 40” list by Gambit Magazine in 2011

As a new member of the neighborhood Sonny wants to gain as much knowledge as possible and find out where he can contribute to Mid-City the most.

Doris Lumpkin

Doris was born on a naval base in Manila, Philippines. The daughter of a traveling US Naval officer, she learned at an early age to adapt to many diverse situations.  After growing up a Navy brat, Doris attended college in Florida where she studied Film and Television Production. Following college, she worked for a prominent film and television production company as a production manager. Doris moved to New Orleans after Katrina to be closer to her retired father. She purchased and renovated a home in Mid-City and soon found work at the nearby Mid City Yacht Club, where she first began a working relationship with bar owner and real estate broker, MJ Sauer. Doris worked at the Mid-City Yacht Club for four years, and she was responsible for many of the innovations and attractions that have made the bar one of Mid-City’s favorite watering holes.

Doris began working at Urban Vision in 2011.  Her transition into real estate came quite natural, finding her niche in first time home buyer sales.  Industry veterans recognize her as one of New Orleans top agents, guiding buyers through the city’s Soft Second Program with ease.  This mother of two has the patience and know-how to help clients through their real estate endeavors, while educating them through the process.

Doris feels that she would be a good addition to the MCNO board because, not only does she have experience in real estate, but she is passionate about MidCity and the future of our neighborhood.


Arwen Podesta, MD has been a Mid-City resident since she moved to New Orleans from Los Angeles in 2004, and in 2005 she loved it so much she became a Mid-City homeowner! She did her residency at LSU in psychiatry, then a fellowship at Tulane. Now she has a private clinic in Mid-City where she practices integrative medicine, psychiatry, addiction medicine and forensics. She also serves as medical director for Odyssey House Louisiana, and is clinical faculty at Tulane University. Before Katrina, Arwen was active in Palmyra Area Partners Neighborhood Organization. In 2010 and 2011, she served as a zone captain for Mid-City Neighborhood Organization. As an active member of the community in Mid-City and all of New Orleans, Arwen would be a great asset for the MCNO board.

Becker Rutledge

Becker is a CPA who has lived in Mid-City since 1982. She is the current Treasurer of the Mid-City Neighborhood Organization – a position she has held since 2000. Becker wants to continue as the Treasurer so she can assist with ongoing matters as well as with any new projects. She has done this in the past with the Mid-City Art Market, the Chocolate Affair, the Porch Crawl, KaBOOM, OCBC, grants, etc. She believes that this assists the organization in accomplishing its mission.


Tracy moved to New Orleans in 2009 from Key West.

She is a professional in the field of restaurant hospitality and is currently in real estate school.

She purchased a home on Palmyra, in Mid City July 2012 and would like to see her neighborhood develop to the best of its potential.

Tracy is active in her community, volunteering with Mothership Foundation and is on the Bayou Boogaloo Committee.

Committee Sign-Up

We will also be setting up committees for those who want to be involved but don’t have enough time for a board commitment.

Getting involved gives you the opportunity to guide the future of a wonderful neighborhood, its land use and preservation, its community activities and commercial developments, and so much more. Besides, we are a GREAT bunch of folks!

**Committee members would spend only a few hours a month.**

Such a small price to pay for such a rewarding activity!!!

If you are interested, please email Emailing us for more information does not obligate you to accept or run for a position.


What’s Your Favorite Porch Crawl Pairing?

What’s Your Favorite Porch Crawl Pairing?

Kickoff at Evangeline Lounge:
Stickball – Italian and Vegan Meatballs

Mortuary Porch:
Ralph’s on the Park – Smoked pork loin, marinated local eggplant with a Satsuma marmalade
Rue 127 – Caramel Apple Punch

Tommy Crane Reality Porch:
MoPho – Som Tam Salad
Micks Irish Pub – Cosmickpolitan

Finn McCool’s and Treo Porch:
Ruby Slipper – Hot Smoked Salmon in Filo Cups with red Pepper Coulis
Bayou Beer Garden – Pomegranate Margaritas

Archer Chiropractic and Unity of New Orleans Porch:
Avery’s on Tulane – Seafood and Pumpkin Bisque
Twelve Mile Limit – Yellow Jacket

Stirling Properties and Whitney Bank Porch:
Mid City Yacht Club –Crawfish Fettucine AND Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Downtown Development Group and All Star Animal Clinic Porch:
Dis & Dat NOLA – NOLA Burgers
Bank Street Bar – You’ll know if you attend!

Purchase tickets here:

Public Hearing Draft Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance Released

The City Planning Commission has released the July 2014 Public Hearing Draft of the Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance and Maps. These documents are posted on the CPC’s website and should be delivered to the New Orleans Public Libraries by Monday, July 28. The City Planning Commission has tentatively scheduled public hearings for Tuesday, August 26th and Tuesday, September 9th, with a possible third hearing date to be determined.  In addition to speaking at the public hearing, you may submit written comments.

Visit the City Planning Commission’s web page to review the draft.

MCNO will accept written comments at its August meeting, or you may send written comments to:


Executive Director Robert D. Rivers
City Planning Commission
1300 Perdido Street Suite 7W03
New Orleans, LA 70112