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A Proposed Mid-City Development

At the last neighborhood meeting Mr. William Wright, a local developer shared the plans of a new development in Mid-City. The development will be located in the area behind Rouses all the way to the Bayou.  This development will be integrated with the Lafitte Greenway and is being billed as a recreation and entertainment district.  A note and description from the developer is below.

Presented is the proposed development along Conti St. from N. Scott St. to N. Jeff Davis Avenue in the property now owned by Norfork Southern Railroad we are calling Bayou Ridge. The proposed development is intended to conform to the current city Master Plan post Katrina.

Bayou Ridge will consist of all small shops, galleries, restaurants, jazz clubs, and various small venues.  As an anchor, at the bayou end of the Ridge will be a club called Mid City Beach Bar and Grill, Volley Ball and Boat House. This establishment will not only be a volley ball venue with approximately 20 courts, but also, have a center court with bleachers and TV ready as we hope to get involved with ESPN’s Beach Volley Ball program. The Beach will have a grill for great bar food and a small music room for local jazz groups.

We also intend to involve the public and kayak enthusiasts to bring fun to the Jeff Davis end of the bayou with kayak races and out of water storage at the boathouse.  Goodie filled picnic baskets will be rented for picnicking along the bayou.  Other events may include a bike race i.e. (Tour-De-Mid-City) and Wednesday evening kayak nights all to be supervised by a licensed life guard.

Moving back from Mid City beach we come to the first building of the development.  There is a small warehouse we intend to sound proof and offer for rental to the movie industry, production facilities, and bands.

Heading back towards Carrollton Avenue we next come to the largest of the lot.  We intend to replace the façade with a large boardwalk to run the length of the building approximately 20 ft. wide in front of all the shops located in this phase of the development with tables, umbrellas, and chairs for the public to enjoy.

Next we come to the vacant lot behind Rouses. This we intend to develop as retail, housing, and additional parking.

All along we intend to do our best as good neighbors and green developers to develop this site to blend with and improve the neighborhood.  All parking and neighborhood concerns will be addressed.

We hope by involving ourselves in this development we can not only better Mid City but bring jobs to the neighborhood, taxes to the city, and improve property values to the surrounding neighborhood.  We see it as bringing the Warehouse District, Frenchmen St, and the Lakefront to Mid City to create a central business district along with the Mid City Market, Rouses, Home Depot, the Carrollton restaurants and all of the other wonderful businesses in the area.

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9 responses to “A Proposed Mid-City Development”

  1. Jujubee

    This sounds horrible!!!! Mid city enjoys its friendly family neighborhood feeling. There are plenty of thriving local businesses and family activities that are plesent because there isnt a constant tourist invasion. There aren’t college students and tourists everyday so its a very personal environment that is getting lost in the rest of the city. The infrastructure can handle the amount of people comfortably now but stops itself up for Voodoo Fest, Jazz Fest, and big race days. It’s pleasant having a locals safety zone. Is nothing sacred?

  2. Derek NOLA

    Think this is a great development. This along with the Lafitte Greenway will really help establish Mid City as a destination for the city as a whole. Hope the architecture is decent other wise I think its great! Jujubee and others will surely despise this as any change is unwelcome to them. Comparing a commerical development to a 100,000 person festival is quite a stretch, but hey whatever hyperboles you have to use to make your point valid right? lol

  3. alli

    I think this sounds fantastic. Any development that improves blight, offers a mix of retail, housing, and entertainment options, and is oriented towards the greenway instead of a sea of parking lots is a winner for the neighborhood. I can’t wait to see more detailed plans.

  4. Jean Lichtfuss

    I love it!

  5. Tommy Lewis

    Hi Bonnie,

    Is this article fact checked? Does the “developer” have this property under contract with the railroad or is it just an idea?


  6. Alex

    The conceptual plan sounds great, particularly the volleyball venue as the demand is there. Paired with the corridor, what better way to promote healthy/active/outdoor living? This type of economic development is needed in Mid-City.

  7. nolaisaliveandwell

    I love this whole idea , it would be very successful and a great enhancement to the neighborhood , but it should include a nice amount of affordable housing to support it , so it is not a oasis of only commercial , nor a playground for just the wealthy. Developers please include affordable housing , especialy for those who will work here !

  8. M. Eubanks

    Sounds like 1975 era Fat City (Metairie) comes to Mid-City. Throw in Coconut Beach and a Sports Bar to boot. Not good. Talk about ruining the idea of the Lafitte bicycle and walking corridor!!!

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