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3001 Tulane Ave

Pizzicare (3001 Tulane Ave., 301-4823) is the work of Jeff Baron and Bart Bell. The business partners also runCrescent Pie & Sausage Co., a restaurant about a mile away in Mid-City that’s known for handmade meats, creative pizzas, Cajun dishes and craft beer. But Pizzicare will be a different type of restaurant. Fitted out with gleaming white tile and dominated by a large, glass-topped service counter, Baron likens it to a style of pizzeria common in the Northeast, places where an entire menu’s worth of different pies are ready to be served by the slice after a quick run through the oven.

Pizzicare also serves whole pizzas, calzones and Stromboli and salads. Baron plans eventually to add beer and wine at Pizzicare, though it’s serving just soft drinks for now. He also has plans to expand through franchise.

- Description borrowed from Best of New Orleans Blog.

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